A Practical Guide to Cabs & Poppers

A Practical Guide to Cabs & Poppers

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This 30 page tutorial will introduce you to making cabs on a cab mandrel.

The tutorial is very specific to our mandrels ( available separately) but can obviously be applied to all cab mandrels.

In this tutorial I will share tips for getting the best use out of cab mandrels. I will cover the initial application of glass and include valuable information on shaping them.

The tutorial also covers finishing your cabs; my partner David has extensive knowledge of glass finishing techniques, and the tutorial offers options and methods for grinding and cleaning the bottoms if you don't own a flat lap, and tips for gluing them to poppers, etc.

We import ‘naked poppers’ compatible with this system for you to use, our 14.5mm cab makes a perfect size cab for this popper.

I do not go into great detail on specific designs in this tutorial. I do however introduce you to dots and layers with tips on heat control which will benefit the application of design on these little cabs.

Tools required.
Cab Mandrel, Marver, Tweezers

Please Note: This is an e.tutorial, you will be purchasing a .pdf file that will be emailed to you when you make your purchase.

By purchasing this  Tutorial you are a confident user of lampworking equipment and that you will follow the appropriate safety procedures while using this Tutorial.