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Olive Soap

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100% Olive oil soap is traditionally called 'Castille Soap' it  gives a very clean and buttery feel despite minimal lather.  Made out of certified organic ingredients it is free from colours, perfumes, & essential oils . It provides a very moisturising effect that lasts a long time, making it perfect for all skin types including those with dry and sensitive skin.

Our handmade soap is made in small batches in North Devon. Our soaps are vegan friendly and palm oil free. 

A little about our olive oil

Qadisha Valley Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an exceptional olive oil of the highest quality.  

Grown under the endless Lebanese sun, on land farmed by Monks since the 8th Century, this organic olive oil is made from a blend of Tyr and Ayrouni olives.  Each olive is hand selected from an early harvest to produce an oil, considered to be fruity and peppery, by the Monks of the Deir Hamatoura Monastery.

The olive groves themselves are situated at a height of over 700m above sea level in an area of unspoilt natural beauty, well away from major towns and any pollution. 

The Qadisha Valley in Northern Lebanon is a UNESCO world heritage site having sheltered Christian monastic communities since teh earliest years of Christianity.

Sam Low (from England) and Guy Khoury (from Lebanon) together decided to work to produce a fine organic Olive Oil from their love of Lebanon: the food, the people, the culture.

Produced in the Qadisha Valley, Lebanon, the Olives are hand harvested and then pressed using state of the art modern methods to extract the finest oil. The oil is then bottled and imported to the UK for culinary usage.

If you'd like to sample the oil yourself  then here's a link to Sams website in North Devon.

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The Packaging

Natural soaps need to breathe. Exposure to the air promotes hardening of our soaps and contributes to longer-lasting quality. Our soaps are packaged in breathable, recyclable, sustainable cotton linen bags. 

When your soap gets to small to handle,  pop the bits in the bag and be sure to use every last little bit up! 


*Olive Oil (Olea Europaea), Aqua,**Sodium Hydroxide.*Indicates certified organically grown ingredients.**Used in saponification process. None remains in the finished product.